Robert Santore

Award Winning, Executive Level, User Experience/Product Strategist Lead & Full-Stack Engineer

I am a gifted visual design professional, highly skilled and accomplished UI/UX product designer with over 20 years of experience in developing and implementing innovative digital user interfaces.

I have proven expertise in creating visually appealing and user-friendly designs, ensuring seamless functionality and compatibility across various browsers and devices.

I am adept at leading comprehensive UI/UX design strategies, collaborating with cross-functional teams, conducting in-depth user research to enhance product experiences. I am a recognized domain expert in accessibility, conducting audits, providing training, & staying abreast of guideline updates.

I have been invited as a keynote speaker on the subject of user centered design, customer experince and product design at leading universities in the United States, Mexico, Spain and the Czech Republic as well as at various industry trade confernces.  

I hold extensive full-stack coding skills, and I easily navigate roles from hands-on design across UX/UI, product strategy, web and mobile application development, graphic design, and branding to holding successful leadership positions as Chief Design Officer/Chief Creative Officer/Design Authority, Product Design/Strategist Lead showcasing a deep understanding of visual aesthetics and technical intricacies.

Recognized for steering digital initiatives significantly enhancing goals and visibility, I have exceled in establishing impactful client relationships.

I consistently delivers visually compelling experiences surpassing expectations. I pride myself as an influential leader, acknowledged for nurturing, mentoring creative and technical teams.

I am committed to unwavering collaboration, consistently exceeds client expectations while aligning with specifications and pushing boundaries of innovation.

Digital Products Solution Architect with Fortune 500 Experience: Over 15 years of experience designing enterprise-level digital solutions for Fortune 500 companies and global brands, delivering cutting-edge user experiences leading enterprise level digital transformation.

Startup Co-Founder and Creative Entrepreneur: Successfully co-founded three startups, two of which became publicly traded. Demonstrates a forward-thinking and entrepreneurial spirit. Accustom to making intelligent risks to champion and implement new ideas which brought in over $500 million in funding from AIG, Goldman/Saks, Nortel Networks, The Bass Companies et al.

Team Leadership & Fiscal Management: Mentored, managed and empowered ultra, high-performing teams of up to 250 creative professionals while responsibly overseeing eight-figure revenue streams.

360-degree View Successfully Leading AI-Infused Design & Digital Business Strategy: Across cross-functional teams & development environments spanning the broadest range of media platforms, including Internet, e-commerce, mobile, social media, broadcast, and video applications on connected devices. Integrating Machine Learning AI new and emerging technologies, consistently navigated the dynamic landscape of design and digital business strategy.

User-Centric Product Design/ UX Platform Strategist: Drives AI-enhanced user-centered design strategies, aligning business objectives with exceptional user experiences. Recently incorporating AI and machine learning, leveraging cutting-edge technology to elevate user interactions and optimize product design for unparalleled user satisfaction.

Gifted Visual Design Capabilities: Unique, unparalleled expertise encompassing a comprehensive understanding directly impacting and improving usability and efficiency of a digital products/platform.

UX Design & Development Process Guru: Streamlines software development through a comprehensive process, from gathering requirements to acceptance testing and release, while integrating AGILE methodologies into global workflows.

Insight-Driven Design Approach: Gathers requirements through one-on-one stakeholder interviews and leverages data analytics, Heuristic reviews, competitive analysis, focus groups and in-depth UX research standards & A/B (and multi-variant) testing, and heat map analysis to inform, direct and confirm design decisions.

In-Depth Understanding of Interaction Design & Modern User Experience Guidelines: Expertise in Apple Human Interface Guidelines (HIG), Google Material Design and human-computer interaction (HCI), ensuring designs align with the latest industry standards implementing innovation and success through detailed holistic user interviews & reviews, competitive analysis, feature discovery, wire-frames, high fidelity deliverables and user testing.

Empowers the Individual & Team to Embrace Trust, Achieve Success & Foster Growth: Forge strong collaborations across teams, making decisions that benefit the company as a whole. Places emphasis on the growth, development, and well-being of teams. Show respect and provide support to each individual to support and rejoicing in shared victories.

Empowered Creators, Consumers, and Partners: Weaved captivating new-ideation that connected client communities & business partners to adopt development strategies leading to successful global platform deployment. Nurtured creativity by granting the freedom to explore new ideas producing innovative solutions. Provided an unparalleled experiences; anticipating customer and consumer desires to prioritize adoption.

Set Policy and Champions Inclusion Implementing Bold Equity Hiring Standards: Elevated teams from all corners of the world (New York, NY / Los Angeles CA / Houston, TX / Miami, FL / Monterrey, Mexico, Prague, Czech Republic, Madrid, Spain) representing diverse and inclusive production groups. Purposefully embraced diversity, by breaking down barriers, and fostered an inclusive environment for all to express ideas and be acknowledged. Practiced attentive listening, and lead with empathy, integrity, and transparency.

Versatile Design Tools Mastery: Highly skilled expert FIGMA, Sketch, Adobe XD, Balsamic, InVISION, Zeppelin,, Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Studio, Logic Pro, Mac OS, iOS, Android, Windows & UNIX, adapting to diverse design environments.

Full-Stack Development Proficiency: An expert programmer proficient in implementing Bootstrap, Angular JS, PHP/MySQL, ASP/ MSSQL, XML/JSON Restful APIs, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, MVC, LESS, SaaS, HTML, HTML5, & CSS3.

Impressive Client Portfolio: Worked with a diverse clientele, including major brands: ABC, Anderson Consulting, Allsop, AOL, AT&T, Avaya,, Berkshire Health System, Bike Athletics, Billabong, Bloomberg, Bobby Brown Cosmetics, Coleman USA, ConEdison, Credit Suisse, DHL, Disney, Deutsche Bank, ESPN, Etonic Shoes, FactSet Research Systems, Fandango, Fidelity Investments, FILA, Ghurka Luggage, Gore Fabrics, Hearst Media, Helly Hansen, Hurley, Hyundai, IP Europe, IP Finland, J Mendel, Lost Enterprise, MAC Cosmetics, Magic Johnson’s Fundamentals of Basketball, Microsoft, NBC, The NBA, NPR, Prudential, Quiksilver, SapientNitro, Saxo Bank, Sephora, Spaulding, Surfline. com, Sergio Valente Jeans, The Oakland Raiders, RadioVoodoo, The Rolling Stones, The San Francisco 49ers, TechSpace, The Women’s World Cup of Soccer, Trek Bikes, Verizon, ViewSonic, Volcom, Volkswagen, Western Union et al.

I have had extraordinary opportunities to work with exciting teams in many different business vertices, from consumer goods, action sports, financial services, health and insurance products to entertainment and transportation. This has enabled me the opportunity to gain experience from highly creative projects driven by excellence. Projects people are passionate about, projects which offer more rewards than just a paycheck, projects that drive results.

Technical Skills
UX Design Strategy
Design Direction
Branding / Corp ID
Information Architecture
Interactive Prototypes
Lo/Hi-Fidelity Wireframes 
Mobile / Responsive Design
Enterprise Commerce
Transactional System Design
FinTech / FOREX

UX Design Methods
Service Blueprints
Journey Maps / Ecosystem Maps
Competitive Audits
Value Propositions
Stakeholders Interviews
KPIs / A/B & Usability Testing
Moodboards / Storyboards
User Flows / Task Analysis
Heuristic Analysis
Sitemaps / Wireframes
Features Roadmap
Use Cases / Scenarios
Personas / Prototyping

Design Toolkit
Adobe Creative Suite
Sketch / Craft / Zeplin
InVision / Flinto / Principle
Axure / Basecamp / Trello
Bootstrap/Angular JS
HTML / CSS: Sass/Less
JavaScript / JQuery
Git / Jira / ConFuence
Expression Engine

  Personal Skills



JUL 2021 – APR 2023


Client: MKTG.AI Role/Responsibilities:

  • Spearheaded end-to-end design and development initiating from foundational meetings with stakeholders final release.
  • Oversaw every phase; design, prototyping, development, user testing. Served as primary UX designer and technological lead.

Platform Development: MKTG.AI:

  • Led development of MKTG.AI, revolutionizing digital asset management for news agencies, media companies, and marketers.
  • Designed with industry-leading tools such as Figma, and Adobe XD and leveraged other Adobe Creative Suite applications.
  • Emphasized seamless integration with major cloud providers (AWS, Box, DropBox, Google) and social media networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn).
  • Centralized hub for all asset-related activities, features real-time performance metrics, efficiency & productivity tools.
  • Implemented AI-powered insights, marketing automation, and third-party API integrations for an efficient and enhanced user experience tailored to modern brand needs.

Client Engagement and Infrastructure:

  • Showcased unique platform capabilities through personalized demos, built on AWS for scalable and reliable performance.
  • Collaborated with: Direxion, AmericanApparel, Brooks Brothers, highlighting platform’s efficacy in driving marketing solutions.
  • Prioritized a seamless interface, scalable architecture, and stringent security and data privacy measures.

Technology Stack:

  • Held full-stack development role leveraged leading-edge technologies, anchoring platform with Bootstrap 6, Angular 13, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS 3, and HTML 5, Docker deployed to robust load balanced custom AWS solution.
  • Implemented a responsive framework, robust Restful API architecture, stringent security measures, ensuring protection from server-level down to individual user permissions.

Design and UX Responsibilities:

  • Designed digital user interfaces, tested layouts, interfaces, functionality, navigation menus for compatibility & usability across browsers or devices.
  • Hands on development of responsive framework with adaptive components assured compatibility on all Mac, Windows Android Linux environments.
  • Developed and conceptualized a comprehensive UI/UX design strategy for the brand and Investigated user experience design requirements for the suite of digital assets.
  • Produced high-quality UX designs; wire frames, visual/graphic designs, flow diagrams, storyboards, site maps, prototypes.
  • Produced a variety of design artifacts, including mental models, user personas, workflow diagrams, glossaries, site maps, wire frames, rapid or high-fidelity prototypes, test scripts, pixel-perfect mock-ups, and engineering-ready assets.
  • Served as a domain expert for accessibility, conducting audits, providing organizational training, and developing recommendations to ensure the organization stays up-to-date on guideline updates.
  • Collaborated closely with 3rd party engineering and client’s product management to lead design and user research efforts for complex AI and Machine learning capabilities which enable advanced work flows and image/asset recognition.
  • Worked with the Engineering UI Development team to help establish DaaS (Desktop as a service) User Experience (UX) component library and ensured accurate application features and social promotion management

AUG 2018 – SEP 2020

New York, NY / Miami, FL / Monterrey, Mexico, Prague, Czech Republic, Madrid, Spain


Dynamic and results-driven Global Chief Design Officer with a proven track record of building and managing international UX & product design teams. A strategic visionary, successfully led a global team of 150+ resources in 7 locations worldwide, driving excellence in UX & product design, methodology, and strategy. Expertise spans from global project management to client interaction with industry giants like Direct TV, FEMSA, Telefonica, Cisco, Whirlpool, Santander Bank, The Home Depot and others. Recognized as a Global Design Authority, directed initiatives that impacted 29+ countries, showcasing leadership in design system creation, visual language development, and staffing optimization.

Key Achievements

  • Global Chief Design Officer responsible for building and managing international UX design team. Direct report to company CEO & CIO. Member of SR management steering and business strategy team.
  • Global Design Authority leading international UX team focusing on Cemex’s online portal CEMEX-GO a B2B construction platform serving 60K customers in 29 countries with 250,000+ users processing 30,000 daily transactions.
  • Lead global UX & design team with150+ resources in 7 locations worldwide (US, Mexico, Spain, Chile, Argentina, Czech Republic & India). Recruited resources to round-out team in order to handle growing project loads
  • Leadership in new Design System, Design Language, approach, staffing and UX design strategy with a global team of 150.
  • Standardized universal suite of computer systems based on role and software; Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch/Figma, XD, Zeppelin, Google Docs, Visual Studio on Mac OS for design and Windows or Linux for development
  • Extensive travel to on-site company offices to build relationships and unify team.
  • Recognized and placed directors and country managers to leverage a unified and common approach within the practice so that assets were interchangeable across the Neoris & CEMEX enterprise.
  • Introduced and lead global UX and “agile design practice”, methodology, approach & staffing.
  • Oversight responsibilities for global and regional cost centers, practice budgets and P&L.
  • Introduced modern, universal design strategy & approach for all client facing & internal projects.
  • Developed, funded best practice UX/product development innovation lab in Monterrey Mexico & Prague Czech Republic.
  • Responsible for visual design strategy & launch new global, multi-language web presence in August 2019.
  • Invited to serve on the InVision UX international design leadership committee to contribute to global design best practices.
  • Spearheaded the development of the highly successful COVID-19 “HealthCheck” platform ( healthcheck), overseeing cross-platform iOS/Android and desktop architecture. Led UX design, development, and marketing collateral creation for internal and external promotion. Ensured compliance with US ADA 508 and WCAG 2.1 accessibility standards. The NEORIS HealthCheck platform, distributed to over 50,000 CEMEX/Neoris employees and 100,000 client partners, facilitates employee well-being tracking and provides critical information about infection trends at specific locations.
  • Direct client interaction and management of UX, package design, artwork and creative direction for client projects with Direct TV, FEMSA, Telefonica, Cisco, Hard Rock Hotel Group, Whirlpool, The Home Depot, Santander Bank, Oxxo, Topo Chico, BBVA Bank, Scott’s makers of Miracle Grow, Vodafone et el.

Distinct honor of being invited as a speaker and educator:

  • Delivered keynote addresses, led a series of think tanks, encouraging a collaborative approach to problem-solving in design hands-on design workshops, engaging directly with students and faculty and industry colleagues to foster a deep appreciation for the nuances of UX design. Venues included; Monterrey Institute of Technology, Ateneo de Monterrey University and the University of Monterrey, the Charles University, Prague, Complutense University of Madrid and at the University of Miami.

NOV 2015 – JUN 2018

New York, NY

Creative and results-oriented leader with a successful track record in developing and managing the first in-house UX practice for the City Of New York’s Office of Information Technology. As the managerial lead of an 80-person creative and technical team, leadership the coordination of UX, UI & product design staff, graphic designers, and a front-end engineering team. Expertise extends to the hands-on design and development of user-facing UX & product design for the City of New York’s initiative to modernize internal and external web and mobile enable applications, ensuring a unified experience across departments and third-party partners.

Key Achievements

  • Established a best practice foundation for the agency’s inaugural in-house UX practice.
  • Led an 15-person creative and technical/development team (65 in Bangor India), driving the design and development of user-facing experiences for the City of New York’s web applications modernization project.
  • Developed a best practice UX & product development lab and recruited resources to meet growing project demands.
  • Built and nurtured a team to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local ADA 508 and WCAG 2.1 accessibility standards for all new applications within the department’s influence.
  • Spearheaded the development of global asset libraries, including specification documents, wire-frames, site maps, and high-fidelity user interface designs.
  • Successfully deployed a unified, modular visual and CSS/code based interface asset library implemented in over 300 of the city’s web and & mobile applications, serving a diverse user base of over 34,000 city employees, consultants, and partners.
  • Created an entire software framework, usability standards, and platform deliverables, from requirements authorship to testing and acceptance procedures.
  • Developed Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, AngularJS, NodeJS code base, and framework for unified web applications, engaging both on-site and offshore engineering teams.
  • Designed and executed media campaigns, including fully wrapped NYPD vans, digital advertising displays, and outdoor print campaigns for the New York Police Department.
  • Standardized platform, design, and architecture across all DSS/DHS & OIT web-enabled applications.
  • Selected and implemented architectural strategy and technology platform, integrating Bootstrap, AngularJS, NodeJS, and a restful JSON API with the city’s C++ based back end and Orical & MSSQL data lakes.
  • Collaborated with on-site engineering staff in New York City and offshore consultants in India, providing hands-on coding expertise and setting responsive architecture guidelines.
  • Developed the design and structure for the NYC HOPE 2016, 2017 & 2018 Mobile Census iOS App.
  • Produced motion graphics presentations for NYC HOPE 2016, 2017 & 2018 in Adobe After Effects, collaborating with celebrity spokesperson Ben Stiller.
  • Established a comprehensive artwork, UX Asset & Design library, serving as a global UX reference agency-wide.
  • Designed and coded a major training portal, enabling 6,500 DHS/DSS & HRA staff and authorized non-city employees to access on-site classroom training, an online learning management system, and a training materials library with user authentication and complex filtering capabilities.
SEP 2014 – NOV 2015
New York, NY

Requirement Setting and Software Platform Development

  • Led the drafting of detailed business and functional requirements, collaborating with premier clients to define user personas aligning with platform objectives.
  • Ensured compliance with strict security protocols mandated by client banks and hedge funds.
  • Steered the development of the entire software UX platform, including formulating requirements, devising detailed wire-frames, constructing site maps, and overseeing testing and acceptance processes.
  • Developed high-resolution artwork and UX designs using tools such as Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Sketch, and InVision.

FOREX Trading Platform Creation and UX Strategy

  • Played a pivotal role in creating a new FOREX trading platform and its associated client portal.
  • Led UX design and user interaction processes, ensuring an intuitive experience for external clients and internal administrative teams.
  • Defined UX architectural strategy, integrating Bootstrap and AngularJS with NodeJS and restful JSON API application layer, ensuring seamless connectivity with the C++ back-end.
  • Developed entire software GUI platform deliverables, from authorship of requirements to detailed wire-frames, site maps, and testing.
  • Worked closely with engineering staff in New York City and London, providing hands-on coding expertise for GUI presentation layer and site structure.
  • Authored business and functional requirements, conducting one-on-one meetings with marquee clients to define user personas while adhering to stringent security requirements.
  • Utilized Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Sketch for high-fidelity user interface designs.
DEC 2013 – SEP 2014

New York, NY (Healthcare/Medical)

  • Defined and developed a new modern brand ID and integrated online visual signature.
  • Developed a migration strategy to transition the current website to a modern CMS built on Adobe Expression Manager.
  • Led brainstorming and white boarding sessions, delivering site maps, mood boards, style guides, detailed wire frames, and final visual assets. Developed innovative packaging and design systems for complex retail packaging.
  • Leveraged expertise implementing Adobe XD and Sketch for design and interactive prototyping.
  • Conducted stakeholder interviews and analytics review (Google Analytics, GTM, MixPanel, MouseFlow) to create new commerce workflow selling multiple items, shipping to multiple addresses, utilizing coupons/gifts, via subscriptions.
  • Handed off detailed requirements and visual assets to in-house and third-party engineering teams for the launch.

The Capital Group (Fintech)

  • Developed an online future vision & road-mapping strategy.
  • Redesigned home pages, created robust visual design refresh for prioritized key pages on Adobe Expression Manager.
  • Developed a consolidation strategy for existing sites into a unified site and single navigation structure.
  • Implemented a visual refresh and established new style guide and pattern library with new artwork and design systems.

Global Custom Commerce, A Home Depot Company (eCommerce)

  • Defined, developed new integrated design language & asset library for Home Depot’s and Global Custom Commerce’s multi-billion dollar e-commerce and mobile application standards.
  • Led a highly skilled UX design team for Home Depot’s “Orange Print” initiative, providing 3-D views of homes for ordering paint, flooring, plugs, switch plates, and window treatments in real-time.
  • Hands on design with Adobe Photoshop, Sketch and Adobe XD for interactive prototypes.
  • Developed mobile design language for all new mobile applications, including artwork and packaging for new products.

Factset Research Systems (Fintech)

  • Developed business and functional requirements, style guides, and implementation standards for a new UX internal intranet portal serving over 8,500 users.
  • Redesigned mobile trading app, conducted audit/assessment of visual asset library to align with modern UI standards.
  • Constructed highly detailed walk through prototypes in Adobe XD
  • Designed UX standard presentation templates for the UX Research department.
  • Published style guides functional specs for company-wide distribution and developed the final look and feel visual designs.

Guardian Life (Fintech)

  • Developed business and functional requirements, style guides, and implementation standards for a new corporate website.
  • Guided users through new financial and investment products via a completely redesigned company website designed in Sketch and Adobe Photoshop and Adobe XD.
  • Developed base GUI designs in Photoshop, handing off designs to remote engineering and development teams for coding.

Sapient Nitro for Fidelity Investments (Fintech)

  • Simplified user experience for consumer-based investment /retirement planning apps from 10 to 12 screens to 2 to 3.
  • Developed new business and functional requirements for an easy enroll online workflow with a simplified user interface using modern responsive frameworks.
  • Hands-on development of highly detailed wire-frames, site maps, and user interface designs for multiple form factors in Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator.
  • Developed detailed prototyping across multiple screen types in Adobe XD.

ZLiving/Asia TV (Broadcast/Entertainment)

  • Defined strategy, developed new online web portal supporting company’s launch of a cable network in the United States.
  • Extensive hands on design in Adobe PhotoShop, XD, and Illustrator.
  • Led a team working with marketing and PR staff in New York City and engineering staff in Bangalore, India.
  • Developed asset libraries, user interface designs, motion graphics templates, and framework in Adobe After Effects.

NYC Alliance (Apparel)

  • Developed the company’s new corporate website and B2B e-commerce portal, along with an integrated corporate ID.
  • Worked with cross-functional teams to develop business and functional specifications.
  • Developed logos and integrated brand marks for the company’s 14 individual apparel lines.
  • Developed a new social media and SEO strategy integrated with the company’s new websites.
  • Leveraged hands on extensive knowledge by designing in Adobe PhotoShop, Illustrator, InDesign and XD

Nectar Financial (Fintech)

  • Assisted the European UX team with UX strategy and design for its web analytics and asset management platform.
  • Developed a lightweight and modern administrative interface that is responsive on Mac Os, Windows, and Linux.
  • Hand-coded HTML, HTML5, and CSS code libraries based on Bootstrap and Angular JS.

Bloomberg (Fintech)

  • Designed an integrated alert system for the Bloomberg Terminal and Bloomberg iOS and Android apps.
  • Developed a responsive web platform using Bootstrap, AngularJS, and wire-frames for implementation.
  • Worked in partnership with product managers to optimize response time and decrease latency.

B&H Photo (eCommerce)

  • Responsible for creative direction, information architecture, UX design, and strategy for a new e-commerce system.
  • Developed designs for a consumer-focused e-commerce website and B2B e-commerce portal in Adobe Photoshop, Sketch and Adobe XD
  • Developed sitemap, wire-frame, and pixel-perfect high-fidelity final responsive designs in Photoshop prototyped in XD
  • Coded CSS designs handed off to the engineering team.
  • Designed refreshed and integrated corporate ID using Adobe Creative Suite assets.

NBC Universal (Broadcast/Entertainment)

  • Designed and developed a new responsive framework for NBC Universal’s hit television program “Biggest Loser, 1,000,000,000 lbs. Weight Loss Challenge.”
  • Created all mobile and tablet screens, ensuring optimal user experience in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and XD
  • Designed assets for social media engagement to enhance program visibility.

United States Olympic BMX Team (Broadcast/Entertainment/Professional Sports)

  • Led UI/UX, development, and strategy for the United States BMX Team during the London Olympics.
  • Developed a successful social media campaign implementing e-commerce strategies, resulting in a 500% increase in online user registrations.
  • Developed detailed prototyping journeys in Adobe XD

Hearst Media (Publishing)

  • Successfully developed concept, led creative direction, development UX strategy for a new suite of digital eBooks
  • Hands-on design for web and e-commerce development, mobile applications, and broadcast motion graphics.
  • Developed all artwork, packaging, online portal for Hearst Publishing’s New York Times Bestseller “7 Years Younger.
  • Tools leveraged: Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, 3D Studio & XD

Ghurka Luggage (eCommerce)

  • Led the UI/UX development and strategy for the redesign and re-launch of the luxury brand Ghurka Luggage.
  • Designed and developed artwork and packaging for the company’s products.
  • Successfully launched the redesigned e-commerce site, resulting in a
FEB 2012 – DEC 2013
New York, NY / Glasgow, Scotland

Key Achievements/Contributions

  • Opened the United States offices in New York City.
  • Developed business development practice.
  • Developed portfolio of integrated digital and traditional services for US clients.
  • Successfully secured and generated start-up business financing.
  • Actively recruited & secured cross-functional, award winning staff of digital & advertising personnel to kick start agency.
  • Developed strategic relationship with leading European and US based venture capital firms and secured equity positions in portfolio start-up for exchange of agency services.
  • Secured new relationships with TechSpace, Remy, Brugal, Wyndham Hotel Group, Hearst Media, PA Consulting and others.
  • Worked with 3rd party groups to set proper foundation for legal and HR services.
FEB 2011 – FEB 2012

New York, NY

Strategic Leadership and User-Centric Redesign 

  • Successfully modernized, significantly impacting user conversion rates and annual revenue. 
  • Standardized UI and optimized navigation for, ensuring a unified and modern user experience. 
  • Led the comprehensive redesign of, a top financial data aggregator with 10M+ monthly unique visitors. 
  • Conducted extensive research with product managers, utilizing A/B testing, analytics, and usability tools. 
  • Developed a new redesign for, enhancing the user experience and increasing annual revenue. 
  • Standardized UI across with a modular navigation strategy for desktop and mobile interfaces. 
  • Spearheaded modern web strategy resulting in 22% increase in user conversion contributing $8.5M in annual revenue. 

Integration and Transparency for Improved Workflow 

  • Collaborated on an 11-month project integrating ServiceNow, establishing executive reporting. 
  • Introduced transparency into approval workflows, empowering managers and users with real-time tracking of requests, projects, and company initiatives. 
  • Implemented iOS/Android compatibility for ServiceNow, providing seamless access to personalized reports,project status. 
  • Implemented mobile compatibility for Service Now, enabling real-time access to reports and project statuses. 

Innovative Design and Multi-platform Development 

  • Led the design and development of iOS/Android applications, adhering to Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines. 
  • Led a multi-functional team to develop and deploy the mobile web strategy, increasing user conversion rates by 22%. 
  • Defined functional and business requirements for interactive tools, led design/development of iOS/Android applications. 
  • Tools leveraged: Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, 3D Studio & XD 

Motion Graphics Design 

  • Designed motion graphics for company broadcasts on major networks, contributing to brand visibility and recognition. 
  • Conceptualized templates and visuals for company broadcasts on premier networks like CNBC, CNN, and Fox. 
  • Tools leveraged: Adobe AfterEffects and Apple Motion, Apple Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premier 
AUG 2003 – FEB 2011

New York, NY

Trailblazing Design Leadership

  • Pioneered branding, UX strategies across 7 online platforms, catering to a massive audience of 500 million users globally.
  • Led dynamic 15-member UX team, spearheading groundbreaking launch of first cloud-based mobile advertising platform.
  • Unlocked a novel revenue stream of over $20 million, empowering partners such as Western Union, ESPN, Spotify, and Disney to deliver precision-targeted ads in real-time.
  • Managed all branding, UX initiatives, and information architecture projects for the online properties.

Key Achievements

  • Developed deployed first-ever cloud-based mobile audio add platform, opening new promotional space worth $20M+.
  • Enabled partners to access demographically detailed audience profiles for precision-targeted real-time ads.
  • Developed a FLEX targeting interface covering multiple platforms, including FLASH rich media, SMS, voice, and video.

Digital Footprint Expansion

  • Lead UX team and mobile engineers in the development of over 50 iOS/Android apps as streaming platforms for terrestrial broadcast radio content and advertising following newly released mobile Apple Human Interface Guidelines .
  • Led UX team, mobile engineers in developing streaming platforms for terrestrial broadcast radio content and advertising.

Key Contributions

  • Successfully positioned VoodooVox as a leader in the digital advertising space.
  • Played a pivotal role in generating a substantial revenue stream through innovative advertising solutions.
  • Expanded digital footprint by developing multitude of iOS/Android apps, aligning with modern mobile interface standards.
  • Hands on coding of web and mobile applications
  • Hands on design leveraging: Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, 3D Studio & XD, Flash & FLEX
SEP 2001 – AUG 2003

Mission Viejo, CA / New York , NY

Professional Overview

  • During their tenure as the Creative Director and Principal UX Design Strategist spearheaded the development of pivotal software applications and business systems for this innovative venture backed by (now TechSpace). 
  • Focused on creating high-tech incubators rooted in physical campuses. 
  • Transformative online systems were launched, ranging from Web-enabled CRM to intricate e-commerce applications. 
  • Fostered robust partnerships, collaborating with industry giants Microsoft, IBM, Avaya and Andersen Consulting.
  • Conceptualized and brought to life a dynamic CMS, amplifying the promotion of partner offerings.

Team Building & Revenue Generation

  • Took initiative to assemble and mentor powerhouse creative and software engineering team comprising over 15 dedicated professionals. 
  • Transformed creative and development team into a professional services organization, evolving to become a pivotal revenue stream for the company. 
NOV 1993 – AUG 2001
MAN RABBIT HOUSE acquired by UB Networks
Newport Beach, CA / Irvine, CA Los Angeles, CA / Salt Lake City UT / Houston, TX

Strategic Leadership at UB Networks:

  • Founding board member and Chief Creative Office holding pivotal role at UB Networks, a NASDAQ-listed CLEC.
  • Instrumental in pioneering one of the first UX product design consultancies/practices focused on e-commerce solutions.
  • Strategic vision with alignment with the senior management raising a whopping $250 million from giants like Nortel and AIG.
  • Co-steered the company’s shift from a CLEC to an ISP, and further enhanced market positioning through a trailblazing nationwide new and innovative one-of-a kind wireless DSL product offering campaign.
  • Spearheading innovation by initiated the concept and execution of a server farm that collaborated with industry leaders and studios, allowing real-time editing capabilities for iconic movies like “Saving Private Ryan” collaborating with Steven Spielberg technical team reducing cost and time and improving efficiency by storing digital real-time copies of film assists.

Agency Growth and Technological Forays:

  • Post acquisition of his innovative digital agency, Man Rabbit House by company cultivated a thriving digital development ecosystem.
  • Under leadership, a solo venture burgeoned into a 250-strong team, with commendable monthly billings of $3.5 million.
  • Segmenting employees into focused work groups bolstered both efficiency & creativity. This winning strategy, coupled with avant-guard technological deployments, garnered attention by esteemed media outlets like CNBC & The New York Times
  • Diverse clientele encompassed 300+ accounts, ranging from fortune 100 companies to renowned action sports brands.

Excelled In The Digital Domain

  • Notable achievements are Webby nominations in 2000 for The San Francisco 49ers and in 2001 for, acknowledging his stellar contribution to sports-focused digital design. He’s also been recognized with nine Adobe “Sites Of The Day” and clinched a Silver Medal InVision Award for e-commerce for

Advancements at Micro~Lite Television (MLTV) Acquired by UBNetworks

  • I served as the Director of Marketing at MLTV responsible for spearheading marketing, communications, and branding strategies for a nascent wireless cable television provider in Orange County, California, Houston, Texas, and Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • A notable accomplishment was successfully acquiring MMDS and IVDS wireless spectrum’s from the FCC, laying the groundwork for one of the country’s initial wireless Internet access systems.
JUL 1988 – NOV 1993

Newport Beach, CA / Los Angels, CA / Oakland, CA / Richmond, CA / Bakersfield, CA / Fresno, CA

Co-founder/Transportation Technology Innovation Pioneer 

  • Co-founded of one of California’s premier intermodal trucking firms. 
  • Growth trajectory saw expansion to 11 terminals across 7 Western states, operating a fleet of 150 trucks 
  • Achieved impressive monthly billings surpassing $2 million. 
  • Pivotal in introducing technological innovations, notably designing and implementing a pioneering cross-platform, multi-user relational database system. 
  • State-of-the-art system streamlined companies operations by electronically integrating with other shippers, automating a plethora of business and logistical tasks, and efficiently tracking a staggering 40 million pounds of cargo daily. 

Multifaceted Leadership Role 

  • Assumed and overseeing critical domains such as legal, HR, banking, and all technical facets, ensuring the company’s seamless and progressive operations. 

First of it’s Kind Comprehensive Web Platform 

  • Future focused vision led Tristar to be among the pioneering trucking firms in the U.S. to adopt and roll out a comprehensive web platform with transactional capabilities. 
  • Innovative platform empowered our customers with real-time 



New York, New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Texas, Dubai
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      • 2024: “Veintiséis Habitaciones Donde Estos Colores Saben a Música” Mexico City, Mexico
      • 2024: “I Remember The Future, Yet I Look Forward To The Past” Stockholm, Sweden
      • Sep 1 to Oct 1 2023: “Timeless” Robert Santoré Solo show at Firetti Contemporary, Dubai
      • May to Jul 2023: “ROOTS & REFLECTIONS A Journey Through Time And Nature” Group Show at Firetti Contemporary, Dubai
  • Sold-out one-man show at the Jerry Solomon Gallery in Los Angles, Ca 
  • One man show at The Portfolio, in Beverly Hills Ca 
  • Group Show, “From Main To Santa Fe”, MOCA and Security Pacific Bank 
  • One man show at The Los Angeles Municipal Collection 
  • Collected and added to the permanent collection at the Newport Harbor Art Museum 
  • Collected and added to the permanent collection at the San Jose Museum of Art 
  • Collected and added to the permanent collection at the Laguna Beach Museum of Art
  • Permanent collection USA Today, Wells Fargo Bank, Nestle/Carnation Company, Union Pacific Railroad, TRW, Principal Financial Group, Security Pacific Bank, Wells Fargo Bank et al
  • Ateneo de Monterrey University Institute of Technology | KANBAN/International Project Management
  • University of California at Irvine, Irvine, CA | Interactive Design and Computer Sciences
  • The Otis Art Institute of Parsons School of Design, Los Angeles, CA, New York, NY | Fine Arts / Graphic Design
  • Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa, CA | Graphic Design
  • Featured on CNBC’s “” hosted by Mark Hammil
  • 2002 Webby nomination, best in sports:
  • 2001 Webby nomination, best in sports: The San Francisco 49ers
  • 9 Adobe sites of the day
  • Silver Medal Invision Award for e-commerce –

Distinct honor of being invited as a speaker and educator: 

Delivered keynote addresses, led a series of think tanks, encouraging a collaborative approach to problem-solving in design hands-on design workshops, engaging directly with students and faculty and industry colleagues to foster a deep appreciation for the nuances of UX design. Venues included; Monterrey Institute of Technology, Ateneo de Monterrey University and the University of Monterrey, the Charles University, Prague, Complutense University of Madrid and at the University of Miami. 

Memebr of the United States Ski Team: 1981/82 

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