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Hearst Communications Inc., often referred to simply as Hearst, is an American mass media and business informationconglomerate based in New York City, New York.

The 7 Years Younger program, we drew on the latest scientific breakthroughs in anti-aging research as well as the advice of top experts in skin care, cosmetics, hair care, nutrition and diet, exercise, brain fitness, and emotional health. And for the lowdown on the products that promise youthfulness we needed to look no further than the Good Housekeeping Research Institute, which put everything from eye creams and deep conditioners to wrinkle serums and teeth whiteners through scientific tests to reveal which products really work.

My Responsibilities
Creative Direction | Principal IA UI/UX Strategy & Design

I was responsible for all creative direction, information architecture, UI/UX as well as hand-on graphic design and web development. I designed and developed everything from high-level site maps, detailed wire-frames to fully realized user pixel-perfect interface designs delivering both hard assets to the development of advanced style sheets.

  • Consulting engagement with Hearst Media successfully developed concept and lead creative direction, development and UI/UX strategy in creation of new digital eBook for Hearst Publishing’s, New York Times Bestseller “7 Years Younger”
  • Hands on design of web and e-commerce development
  • Mobile and tablet designs
  • Broadcast motion graphics
  • Web application design
  • Book cover design
  • Site maps, wireframes, pixel-perfect asset creation

7 Years Younger Tablet Samples

Learn about my experience. Download a copy of my resume… 

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Learn about my experience. Download a copy of my resume…

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