Enterprise SaaS Advertising Platform Serving 1 billion+ Ad Impressions Per Month


As an innovative design leader, I spearheaded transformative initiatives, shaping branding and UX strategies across seven online platforms and engaging a vast global audience of 500 million users.


Leading a dynamic 15-member UX team, I orchestrated the groundbreaking launch of the first cloud-based mobile/video advertising streaming platform. This strategic move not only opened up a novel revenue stream, surpassing $20 million but also empowered major partners such as Western Union, ESPN, Spotify, and Disney to deliver precision-targeted ads in real-time.


Taking charge of all branding, UX initiatives, and information architecture projects, I successfully deployed the pioneering cloud-based mobile audio & video ad platform, creating a significant impact in the promotional space. My contributions extended to enabling partners to access detailed audience profiles for precision-targeted real-time ads through a sophisticated FLEX targeting interface.


Additionally, I led a team of UX experts and mobile engineers in developing over 50 iOS/Android apps, aligning seamlessly with modern mobile interface standards. This comprehensive approach played a pivotal role in positioning VoodooVox as a leader in the digital audio/video streaming advertising domain while markedly expanding our digital footprint.


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Enterprise level digital advertising platform currently managing over 1billion+ ad impressions per month.

About Voodoovox
ICMx is a robust, enterprise level digital advertising platform currently managing over 1billion+ ad impressions per month on VoodooVox’s own publisher network. I was tasked in developing an intuitive user interface to enable easy to use, highly effective targeting. Click the link below to view small sampling of work I did at VoodooVox.
  • Lead all branding, UX initiative & information architecture projects for 7 online properties serving 500 million users worldwide
  • Led a 15-person multifunctional UI/UX team to develop and deploy the first-ever cloud-based mobile audio advertising platform, opening a completely new promotional space worth $20 million-plus
  • Enabled partners such as Western Union, Fandango, ABC, ESPN, Univision, Spotify, Fox Sports, Major League Baseball and Disney to tap into demographically detailed audience profiles and precision-target ads to them in real-time
  • Developed a FLEX targeting interface covering multiple platforms, including FLASH rich media, SMS, voice, and video
  • Lead creative team, UI/UX team and mobile engineers in the development of over 50 iOS/Android apps as streaming platforms for terrestrial broadcast radio content and advertising following newly released mobile Apple Human Interface Guidelines
Principal IA UI/UX Strategy & Design
Creative Direction
Hands-on UX/UI Design
Design System
Mobile Design
Competitive Benchmark/Landscape Study, Stakeholder Interview, Requirements Gathering, Personas, Moodboard, Sketching, Design Comps, Prototype, Final High-fidelity Assets
Adobe Creative Suite:
Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, Flex

Sketch & Invision

Coda, Pinegrow
HTML 5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Angular, PHP/MySQL

Keynote, Powerpoint

Final Cut X, Motion


Global Coordination:

  • Challenge: Coordinating transformative initiatives across seven online platforms for a global audience of 500 million users presented challenges in terms of cultural nuances, varied user behaviors, and diverse market expectations.

Team Dynamics:

  • Challenge: Leading a dynamic 15-member UX team involve challenges related to team dynamics, collaboration, and ensuring a unified vision across various projects.

Technological Innovation:

  • Challenge: Launching a groundbreaking cloud-based mobile/video advertising streaming platform involved staying at the forefront of technological advancements and overcoming potential technical hurdles.

Partnership Integration:

  • Challenge: Empowering major partners such as Western Union, ESPN, Spotify, and Disney involved challenges in integrating diverse systems and aligning strategies to meet the unique needs of each partner.

Monetization Strategy:

  • Challenge: While achieving a revenue stream surpassing $20 million significant accomplishment, maintaining and developing and optimizing the monetization strategy for sustained growth was hard.

User Data Privacy and Compliance:

  • Challenge: With detailed audience profiles for precision-targeted ads, ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations and maintaining user trust in handling sensitive information was critical and took trial and error to get it correct.


Global Coordination:

  • Solution: Implementing effective communication channels, adopting collaboration tools, and ensuring a deep understanding of global user preferences would was essential to overcome this challenge.

Team Dynamics:

  • Solution: Nurturing a collaborative team culture, providing clear communication, and aligning team goals with the broader organizational objectives was crucial and ongoing.

Technological Innovation:

  • Solution: Collaborating closely with technology teams, staying updated on industry trends, and fostering an environment that encourages innovation and experimentation sometimes felt like a second fulltime responsibility, but it was nessisary to stay competitive.

Partnership Integration:

  • Solution: Establishing clear communication channels, conducting thorough partnership assessments, and customizing solutions to fit partner requirements lead to  successful integration.

Monetization Strategy:

  • Solution: Regularly evaluating and adjusting the monetization strategy based on user feedback, market trends, and performance metrics would was vitally important to navigate this challenge.

User Data Privacy and Compliance

  • Solution: Implementing robust data privacy measures, staying compliant with regulations, and transparently communicating data usage policies, again was mission critical.

The IA UI/UX I designed for VoodooVox’s ICMx served:

Ad Impressions Per Month (Billions)

Captured Consumer Profiles (Millions)

Targeted Countries Served

Daly Customers Served (Millions)

VoodooVox Corporate ID

I designed and developed iOS apps for some of the biggest names in radio.

Mobile Development

I lead the creative team and mobile engineers in the hand-on design and development of over 50 iOS/Android apps as streaming platforms for terrestrial broadcast radio content and advertising

HTML5, iOS & Android Development

I have hands-on experince developing native iOS apps for both iPhone and iPad side iOS version 1.0. In addition I was one of the first to develop HTML5 based applications specifically for the smart phone platform-factor

Responsive Design for Mobile Form Factors

I have extensive experinace designing and developing responsive web-sites for mobil form-factors, from iPhone & iPad and android platforms

Hot 97 Native iOS Tablet & Smartphone Design

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