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FOREX Trading Platform, Corporate ID, Corporate Website
I served as Principal UX Design Strategist and Creative Director. I developed the company’s presentation layer and client facing UX assets for the company’s FOREX trading platform.


In addition, the company’s visual signature, and the single handed development of the company’s public facing web sites.


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FOREX is the largest peer-to-peer market in the world – that no one knows about.
I designed a beautiful trading interface and the company’s visual signature.

About MarketFactory
MarketFactory is a company of engineers, software and financial markets engineers. MarketFactory’s code thoughtfully handles the messy differences between the 70+ trading venues in FX. We allow banks, brokers and funds to instantly trade on markets around the world with one touch.

Customers write to MarketFactory’s API and then sit back; we handle the cross-connects, network, hardware, software, latency monitoring and support as part of our software-as-a-service. We take care of the infrastructure so you can focus on trading.

FX is the largest peer-to-peer market in the world – that no one knows about.

Lightly regulated, venues can distribute prices in any way they wish, while banks and funds act like pseudo-ECNs which both consume and provide liquidity.

Unlike futures, there is no central credit hub with broker spokes; rather, a group of big banks provides credit intermediation to customers, which includes smaller banks, funds and “prime of prime” brokers.

Principal IA UI/UX Strategy & Design

Creative Direction

Original Photography and Art Direction

Hands-on UX/UI Design

Front End Programming

Competitive Benchmark/Landscape Study, Stakeholders Interviews, Requirements Gathering, User Personas, Moodboards, Sketching, Wire Frames, Site Maps, Style & Design Guide’s, Design Comps, Prototype, Final High-fidelity Assets, Website Application Framework, Presentation Assets
Adobe Creative Suite:
Photoshop, Illustrator, XD & InDesign

Sketch / Invision

Coda / Pingrow
Bootstrap 3 / Angular 2 / HTML 5 / CSS3

Keynote / Powerpoint

Redesign the home page of all sites under existing architectures.
Visually refresh the design of prioritized key pages.

Consolidate existing sites into a unified site and single navigation.
Visually refresh and implement all pages leveraging an established style guide and pattern library.

Define the pillars of the web transformation, using Advisory as the lens.
Design and implement transformative features of the vision, aligning with business objectives and digital initiatives.

I developed a new unified web and responsive framework integrated with new online visual signature which enhanced and simplified Techspace’s innovative product offerings.

Working collaboratively with UX Research, conducting white boarding brainstorming sessions, developing user personas & journey maps enabled me to developed an intuitive, modern experience, which was efficient and effective, validated by in-house UAT and real-time client focus groups.

Acomplishments (Enfrastructure)
  • Developing all GUI – UI/UX and User Interaction processes for new client facing and company administrative portal to enable company clients to set currency trading limits, manage user and groups, permissions, reports, notifications and certifications in over 50 FOREX markets
  • Responsible for the authorship of business & functional requirements as well as high fidelity user interface designs for new company & client facing portal.
  • New portal built upon Bootstrap 3, HTML 5/CSS 3,  JQuery and Angular JS/Node JS integrated into companies restful API. Developed based AngularJS architecture and logical structure
  • Responsible for all client facing and internal digital initiatives. From corporate ID, web development, and digital product placement
  • Single handedly built the companies new website in the “first week of employment.”
  • Developing version 2.0 of corporate website with managed release schedule
  • Responsible for all social feed, integration and blogging strategies and implementation
  • Developed all marketing templates from integrated email signatures to company marketing and sales PowePoint and Keynote presentation templates
  • Designed new “3-D” walk-threw of company’s office space for new build out
  • Working with our internal teams, client partners developing a new FOREX trading platform and client portal
  • Hands-on photograhy, art direction of all editorial and orginal photograpy for use on web and marketing materials

MarketFactory. Thoughtful Technology For Financial Markets:

Top 5 traded currencies by value
  • United States Dollar 87.0% 87.0%
  • Euro 33.4% 33.4%
  • Japanese Yen 23.0% 23.0%
  • Pound Sterling 11.8% 11.8%
  • Australian Dollar 8.6% 8.6%
Traded daily in trillions

Marketfactory FX Markets w/ 1 API

FOREX vs other markets
  • NY Stock Exchange 1% 1%
  • Equities Market 4% 4%
  • Futures Markets 7% 7%
  • FOREX Market 89% 89%

Design Specifications

MarketFactory Portal 2.0
MarketFactory Portal 2.0 Site Map

Branding Exercises

Responsive Login/Account Registration

MarketFactory FX Portal 2.0

MarketFactory Corporate Website Redesign

Home page
Sub Section Example
Home page

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