Online Future Vision & Road-Mapping
The Capital Group required a redesign of the home pages of all sites under its existing architectures. A visual design refresh of prioritized key pages. Consolidation of existing sites into a unified site and single navigation structure. A visual refresh implemented across all pages leveraging an established style guide and pattern library.


Defining the pillars of this web transformation, using “Advisory” as the lens and design and implement transformative features of the vision, aligning with business objectives and digital initiatives.


case study

A new, responsive & unified web experience across the company’s web properties.

About The capital groUp

The Capital Group is an American financial services company. It ranks among the world’s oldest and largest investment management organizations, with $1.7 trillion in assets under management.

Since 1931, Capital Group has been singularly focused on delivering superior, consistent results for long-term investors using high-conviction portfolios, rigorous research and individual accountability.

As a private firm with an independent charter, The Capital Group is focused on doing what’s right for investors over the long term. In offices throughout Asia, Australia, Europe and North America, 7,500 associates make the needs of it’s investors their top priority every day.

Principal IA UI/UX Strategy & Design
Creative Direction
Hands-on UX/UI Design
Mobile Design
Competitive Benchmark/Landscape Study, Stakeholders Interviews, Requirements Gathering, User Personas, Moodboards, Sketching, Wire Frames, Site Maps, Style & Design Guide’s, Design Comps, Prototype, Final High-fidelity Assets, Presentation Assets
Adobe Creative Suite:
Photoshop, Illustrator, XD & InDesign


Keynote & Powerpoint


WORKSTREAM 1 Front-Door Redesign
Redesign the home page of all sites under existing architectures.
Visually refresh the design of prioritized key pages.

WORKSTREAM 2 Unification & Visual Refresh
Consolidate existing sites into a unified site and single navigation.
Visually refresh and implement all pages leveraging an established style guide and pattern library.

WORKSTREAM 3+ Web Transformation
Define the pillars of the web transformation, using Advisory as the lens.
Design and implement transformative features of the vision, aligning with business objectives and digital initiatives.


I developed a new unified web and responsive framework integrated with new online visual signature which enhanced and simplified The Capital Group’s users in navigating a complex system to find the data and information pertinent to them.

Working collaboratively with UX Research, conducting white boarding brainstorming sessions, developing user personas & journey maps enabled me to developed an intuitive, modern experience, which was efficient and effective, validated by in-house UAT and real-time client focus groups.

Vision & Road Mapping

Workstreams & Deployments

Workstream 1 Scope

Wire Frames: Homepage |

Wire Frames: Homepage | Individual Investors

Wire Frames: Homepage | Institutions

Wire Frames: Secondary Pages | Financial Advisors

Digital Brand Expression: Graphic Elements

Wire Frames: Secondary Pages | Insights Landing

Wire Frames: Secondary Pages | Investment Landing Detail

Wire Frames: Secondary Pages | Defined Contribution

Wire Frames: Secondary Pages | Fixed Income

Wire Frames: Secondary Pages | Portfolio Construction

Wire Frames: Secondary Pages | TDF Theme Page

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